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Article published on the contributions of citizen science to the study of biological invasions

Published in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science on 27 January 2021. Available here.

Our team has just published an article on the contribution that citizen science at a global level has made to the study of biological invasions!!!

We have identified some of the most efficient strategies, presenting a set of actions that will help future projects to maximise their success. In conclusion, it is intended that the data collected in this way will be robust enough to be used in official monitoring networks and in the creation of more efficient and timely legislation, while providing tools for citizens to contribute effectively to the management of biological invasions.

Diagram that proposes how outreach activities promoted by scientists can be boosted with the help of local media and businesses to reach a wider audience and inform diverse segments of the public with reliable information about biological invasions. The media and the public, but also a network of informed citizens, are essential for building a solid citizen science project. Contributions from citizen science, and other stakeholders at national and regional levels, complement scientific research in order to achieve a more robust integrated management of biological invasions.

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