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You can send your records in four ways:

1) Online form

By filling in the fields below, with your name, contact, photograph of the species, location, date and method of observation.

Find out more about how to best describe your observation on our "How to participate" page.

Indicating a contact is very important if we need to clarify any information.

Select a file

Submission completed, thank you!

The registration will be validated by our team and added to the database. In case of doubt, we will contact you through the contact you provided.

Missing required fields

After clicking on "SUBMIT", wait a few seconds for confirmation of submission.

2) Email

This will be the most appropriate way to send us the photographs and other information related to your records. Sending by other means such as social networks usually results in an automatic decrease in the quality of the photographs which can make it difficult to identify the species.


3) Social networks

Our social networks are not just for disseminating information and results. You can also send us your records via message on any of our social media pages:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

4) BioDiversity4All


This citizen science platform hosts records of any type of organism or habitat. On our project page you can find all the records submitted to NEMA:


You can also register yourself and submit your registrations independently. This platform also has an application for iOS and Android that allows you to submit observations anywhere from your mobile phone. Search in your App store for the name “iNaturalist”. Do not forget to mention the NEMA project in the description.

If you have questions about this form of submission of records, watch our video tutorial on this link, or contact us by email or on social networks.

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