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2nd National Week / 1st Iberian on Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species, especially in the marine environment, present greater difficulties in their management, making it practically impossible to eradicate them from the moment they are established. One of the possible measures to mitigate its impacts, involves their economic exploitation, namely when they are edible.

In collaboration with Chef Leonel Pereira, a recognized Algarvian Chef and Michelin star winner, we have tried to present some invasive species to the general public as new sources of food. Among them, we have some species of jellyfish, the blue crab, or the weakfish.

Between May 25th and June 5th, 2021, Chef Leonel Pereira will prepare a dish with the weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) in his restaurant CHECKIN. The dish will be called "American croaker fillet roasted and 'esparregado' with marine plankton"!

In this way we also intend to raise awareness on the theme of invasive species, while you delight yourself with this new dish created by Chef Leonel Pereita!

This dish alone has a value of 13 €. It is suggested a starter and a possible second dish as a meal. Reservation should be made directly with the CHECKin restaurant: (+351) 968 070 776 or (+351) 289 824 178. Subject to daily product availability.

Weakfish - Cynoscion regalis

All the records that we have already received of this species at NEMA can be consulted here.

This awareness-raising activity is part of the 2nd National / 1st Iberian Week on Invasive Species!

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